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WordPress Website Development Company

Get a professional & modern website

Why WordPress?

WordPress is not without reason the world's most widespread platform for developing websites and webshops. It is an incredibly flexible and user-friendly solution.

WordPress website development company is the world's most used platform for creating websites and webshops. And for the shopping part, we use WooCommerce, which accounts for 70% of all online stores worldwide and is the most extensive online shopping platform in Denmark. And this gives you as a customer a lot of advantages.

To power up your company's website, share your requirements with our WordPress website development experts and get your business website.

wordpress website development
Modern design and user interface.
There is an endless amount of free designs and components, so you can always be on top of the latest.
Easy to maintain
When we have set up your website, you can (if you wish) edit texts yourself, upload new images and create new pages in the world's most user-friendly content management system.
A large number of components (plugins) have been developed to increase the security of WordPress. We have selected the best and ensure the installation of a number of plugins that protect your new website from hackers.
Search engine optimized
We install and configure (which is not entirely simple if you want to get full benefit) the most widespread and best plugin that supports SEO, namely Yoast.

Yoast is a fantastic help in terms of getting the SEO work done and checked on your site, but the legwork itself in terms of keyword analysis, design of title tags, etc. must be done regardless. Of course, we help with that as part of the Start package.

DKK 3995/One time

WordPress Website

1 Website
Hosting (Free for 1 year)
Up to 10 pages
Logo Design & Color Branding
Custom layout design
Mobile optimized
Google business setup
Add legal pages
Security integration
SEO optimized page
Google analytics
Fast loading speed
Event management system
Multi-language Setup
Live chat & Social media integration
Booking, Lead collection, Contact, Popup form setup


Yes, unbelievable but true 🙂

We do the first two phases of our collaboration process completely free of charge.

In other words, you get a design proposal in the form of a prototype that you can navigate yourself, completely free of charge. Only then will you decide whether we should continue the development of your site.

It's no problem. You can freely choose to host with any provider that supports WordPress.

When we have agreed to continue the collaboration after evaluating the free design proposal, you pay half up front and the remaining amount when the site goes live.

No, you pay a lump sum for the development of your website.

We of course offer to maintain and trim your website and can help you with marketing etc. But it is entirely up to you to what extent you wish to use our offer.

If you have logo and other images you want to be part of the site. would it be an advantage for us to get these before we do the design brief.

In order to tailor the best possible website for you, there are a few questions we would like you to consider:

1) What does your company do and what do you want to sell on your webshop?

2) Which pages do you immediately imagine should be on the site (e.g. Home, Webshop, About us, Contact)

3) Name some websites you like - e.g. the overall design, the choice of colors or expression in general. Note: You don't have to choose web pages from your own area - it's more a matter of design.

4) Who are the primary customers in relation to your website/company?

5) Do you already have a Logo and some color choices to be used? Or wish for a Logo/colour choice?

6) Can you name some competitors that you immediately think you are up against?

7) Other comments/wishes?

Based on your answer, we will have an in-depth conversation, and then we will get started.

As a starting point, you are the one who supplies the logo, images and texts for the pages.

But we would rather make it easy for you and can put our professional designers and copywriters to work for a modest extra payment.

Our Process


At Gariweb, we are always prepared and on track to meet the deadline of the client.


We go through thorough research on the business goals and help you to shape up a master plan to be implemented.


This is the most exciting and significant part! We communicate progress through a milestone-based verification process.


Here lies the most time-consuming part of the process. The prime key to the success of the project depends on this part of the process.


When the project is accomplished it’s time to validate the contents, designs, and operation. We rapidly test the project before delivery.

Online Marketing

When your beautiful new webshop has gone live, the foundation is in order, but being found on the internet requires more than a beautiful website. In addition to the basic maintenance of your webshop, we can help you design an online strategy that will ensure that you are found online.

Marketing Main Areas

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is simply an indispensable tool when you need to find out how your users perceive and interact with your site. With the right setup, you can follow the users' path to conversion in detail and have the right starting point for further optimizations at all times.

The ultimate tool


Search engine optimization should be the solid foundation of any online marketing strategy. It's free, it makes your site attractive and the optimizations you make can be largely "reused" in relation to your paid advertisements.

The solid foundation


The fast way to appear at the top of the search results. It's not free, but you can always keep track of whether you're getting value for money. On the other hand, you should constantly check and adjust your efforts on Google Ads to ensure that the money is used optimally.

The fast way

Facebook etc

For many companies, it will make good sense to be present on social media. For example, 63% of Denmark's population checks Facebook daily, so targeted advertising on Facebook can often be a very good shortcut to making your online shop visible.

And then there is a smart (free) integration between WooCommerce and Facebook, which means that products created in your Webshop are automatically displayed on Facebook.

The fast way

Support & Maintenance

Support & Maintenance

Are you too busy to maintain and update your new website with the latest security updates yourself, or would you like to change the design or something completely third-party?

We offer a maintenance package where we continuously keep WordPress and all the installed plugins up to date and generally ensure that your website runs optimally for only DKK 290 per month.

If you need to expand with new functionality, make design changes or add more pages, we are ready to help at a very favorable hourly price of DKK 500, or via our 10-hour cutting card for DKK 4,000.

Maintenance Package

DKK 290/Month

We maintain and check your website, so you can be sure everything is as it should be, and you can spend your energy on something more exciting.

Daily backup of your site.
Updating plugins.
Updating WordPress.
Protection against hackers.
Daily security scan
Should the accident happen, we will restore it free of charge.