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About Gariweb

We are the go-to marketing agency and website supplier for businesses worldwide. Since the beginning of Gariweb, we have satisfied more than 560 local clients. In 2022 alone, we have worked on over 255 projects with our team of 15! Our headquarters are in Denmark and Bangladesh, where we nourish and improve the quality of our business.

Helping Businesses to Thrive

We aim to help small, medium, and large businesses settle their advertisement needs by focusing on tested and proven digital marketing strategies. Our team of excellent web designers makes any eCommerce website look modern and classy. We are everything a business needs when they go online!

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Meet The Leadership Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Martin Horsmann
Martin Horsmann
Founder & Chairman
Al Hasan Roni
Al Hasan Roni
Managing Director & CEO
Dipta Dey
Dipta Dey
Head of Marketing
Sojib Ahmed
Sojib Ahmed
Head of Web Development
Journey Started in 2018

Our Story

Gariweb Team

The journey of Gariweb started in 2018 when we primarily focused on Danish businesses from our office in Chittagong, Bangladesh. As we grew through our commitment to hard work, we expanded worldwide, providing Web Designing and Digital Marketing solutions to global businesses. Currently, we are working under our brilliant CEO, Al Hasan Roni, who regularly inspires us to be more productive!

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Our Standards

We believe that any successful business needs a set of values and critical standards. At Gariweb, we have decided to go by the following ethics:

Gariweb was able to grow and become the successful agency it is today because of the experiences and skills of its team. We started from scratch, and through our 5+ years of journey, we brought value with our work. Our team has employed excellent talents from Bangladesh who successfully completed 600+ projects from businesses all around the globe. Each of our members excels in their field, from SEO to making Webshops.
The world of Web Designing and Digital Marketing is constantly changing. Businesses are embracing new strategies, and we need to adapt accordingly. That’s why Gariweb is made of passionate individuals who keep up with every slight change in the industry and update their work!
We ensure our client’s needs first! As an experienced marketing agency, we understand the importance of putting the image of a business first in terms of advertisement. When we do marketing projects here at Gariweb, we are responsible for discovering everything about your business. These are the reasons why our clients achieved excellent brand awareness!